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Brass Fishing Barrel Swivel rated from 16 LB to 148 LB

Brass Fishing Barrel Swivel rated from 16 LB to 148 LB Item NO.: 1001

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  • Brass barrel swivel eyes are locked inside each barrel for strength. Black barrel swivels are commonly whenever line twist needs to be reduced
  • * Effective for prolonged trolling
  • *
  • Affordable bulk option you'll never be caught short
  • *
  • Virtually eradicates line twist that can be caused from lures, baits and hooked fish.
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  • By using a swivel you can increase the life of your fishing line. Excessive line twist can cause countless hassle and detract from your days fishing.

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Product Name Brass Fishing Barrel Swivel rated from 16 LB to 148 LB
Item NO. 1001
Weight 0.1 kg = 0.2205 lb = 3.5274 oz
Category Fishing Swivel & Snap > Barrel Swivel & Snap
Tag terminal tackle , fishing swivel , barrel swivels
Creation Time 2018-04-17

Brass barrel spinners are arguably the most popular spinners among fishing enthusiasts. These swivel joints have earned a reputation for their simple and effective design.
Another great thing about brass barrel swivels is that they are the cheapest swivels you can find on the market, helping you make your fishing trip unforgettable without breaking your budget.
Swivel joints are designed for one basic purpose, which is to prevent tangling and twisting of the wire during casting and retraction. Barrel swivels are the most affordable option for mitigating dreaded wire twist. They are designed with a closed body (barrel) and two wire connection loops. These are used to connect lines originating from rods and reels at one end and main rig or work lines at the other end.
Due to its efficient design, the brass barrel swivel is especially suitable for long trolling. This design greatly reduces possible line twisting on bait and hook fish.

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